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Valkyrie Feathers Brooch & Ranks

The Valkyrie brooch serves as a clasp and badge to hold together the new Valkyrie mesh feathers. The brooch also displays ranks and roles, a combination of engravings and gem stones. This is generation five of the feather set. The shape and color design of the feathers remains unchanged from earlier beaded sets. Blue for the air color of the Valkyrie, the heavens. Red for the fire passion of the Torva that joined with Valkyrie.
We of the Valkyrie is a saga about the origins of the Valkyrie presented here in three parts. There are more than three parts to the story of the Valkyrie, but the first three make for a complete story. They were shared by Dagny Chalice (alternately known as Danika, Valkyrie Chieftess) at three Valkyrie campfire meetings held over the summer of 2017. Click on the links below to read Part 1, Childhood's End; Part 2, Black Sun; and Part 3, Prophecy.

We of the Valkyrie

By Dagny Chalice
Copyright Danika Meyers

Part 1, Childhood's End

In the wake of shifting cold winds, innocence is soon to be lost in the idylic northern village of  Selasund. Childhood's End finds shifting alliances and betrayal. Blood will be spilled on ice. Lives will be forever changed. Presented at the Valkyrie campfire meeting on 6-11-17, here now is the Part 1 installment:

We pay no mind to the fleet of longships entering the mouth of the bay, meandering round past the snow-clad fjords rising out of the mists. The sun hangs low like a flickering old lantern behind their square sails. Up high on Ari, the craggy hill overlooking our village of Selasund, my much older brother, Elof, and I laugh wildly as we run, slip-siding over patches of snow and ice, stooping to retrieve our missing arrows. He has been setting up wooden targets all afternoon teaching me how to aim a bow and I am sure half of them were missed by me.

Part 2, Black Sun

Previously in
We of the Valkyrie, a storm is brewing close to the shores of the original village the Valkyrie came from, along with the sudden and tragic death of Dagny's older brother at the hands of the Wends led by Kruto, the Terrible. He is a man of giant stature bringing destruction in his wake. Dagny is captured. Her captor defects and takes her home with him where she will meet Mist. She returns with Dagny to her village and a confrontation erupts between the earl and his men and Mist, Reginleif, and Dagny. They were very close to being attacked and killed in the longhall. Presented at the Valkyrie campfire meeting on 6-25-17, here now is the Part 2 installment:

With the chatter in the longhall now eerily grown quiet, I hear the "ssh" sounds of swords being drawn from the leather scabbards of Hakon and his men as they move toward me from the opposite side of the longhall. Mist and Reginleif close ranks with me, our backs to the wall. Some of the other shieldmaidens rise from the long tables, moving quickly to join our side, pivoting to face the men approaching from across the room. Herja on one end, Skuld on the other, Kara, and then our village healer, Eir.

Seven of us standing side to side with feet shoulder width apart, we nervously draw our swords, the light from the lanterns dripping amber off steel edges, each of us placing our leading foot slightly forward, square on to their approach and ready to fight. Except Eir who holds up a small dagger and shrugs to us. At least she has a weapon. With our backs to the wall, and the broad door far to the right, there is not time enough to escape.

Part 3, Prophecy

Previously in We of the Valkyrie, there is division in the village of Selasund and fears of revolt as the Earl and Dagny confront each other and villagers take sides. But an attack by a great sailing force from the Wends brings much bloodshed and destruction to the village. Dagny attempts to escape a larger attacking wave along with her shieldmaidens and some villagers. The volva traveling with them predicted sky wolves and a black sun, a trick that saves them. But now sailing northward, they come under another attack from the dark shoreline. Presented at the Valkyrie campfire meeting on 7-9-17, here now is the Part 3 installment:

Storm clouds have been quickly gathering directly ahead of us since the attack of the fire arrows began. The northern lights and field of stars rising from the sea I had watched with such longing moments ago are now smeared and hidden from view. The winds pick up, the waves becoming rougher. In almost no time, our longships are rocking wildly, bows heaving high up on peaked wave crests and slamming down hard as we plow northward into the turbulent sea. With the last of the Torva women safely aboard our longship, we watch the stern of their vessel tip vertically above the choppy waves, then dip, vanishing into the dark churning waters.

In the beginning, the Valkyrie came from the far north, many as free women and shieldmaidens from the lands of Vikings and Torvaldsland. Journeying south, settling in the forests of ravens, a place called Valkyrie Forest, they took the name Valkyrie Panthers for their band. They and their bonds and thralls carried with them some of the rich cultural heritage and influences of the  northern customs. The Valkyrie were led by Danika Stenvaag.

One day, the Torva Panthers, journeying from the forests of Tharna in search of a new home, came upon the Valkyrie in their forests, soon joining them. The Torva were led by Robin Dancer. Together, they became the Valkyrie Torva Panthers.

Entering Valkyrie Forest, you are in a world shrouded in spires of jade-hued pine... a  place of snow-clad, glacier peaks and waterfalls, clear cold  meandering streams, and long forgotten standing Runestones. You  have journeyed far north into the Northern Forest and are close  to the border of Torvaldsland... This is Valkyrie Forest, an  upper region of the Northern Forest.

Take a few moments to stop and enjoy the peace of the forest.  While you are in meditation, take note of the Valkyrie Ravens flying overhead; they are always watching over the lands. They may even be watching you. It is magical.

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Valkyrie Torva Panthers Photos on Flickr

Top row, left to right: 1. Valkyrie Pledge (Cub); 2. Valkyrie Torva Full Sister; 3. Valkyrie Wings; 4. Valkyrie Prowl
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The Valkyrie Panthers have become a treatment and story concept (Warner Bros.) but are years away from production. In the meantime, story concepts are played out on controlled gaming platforms and virtual reality. The original platform was developed in Second Life by a young female college student during her freshman year at UCLA with two other female friends and continues today as a live action roleplay game in a virtual Valkyrie Forest found here:
Below are some sample albums of the Valkyrie Torva in Valkyrie Forest from their Valkyrie Flickr web site. The photo albums are not current, going back years to 2011, and as such are in desperate need of updating. The photo samples presented here were taken during the flexi era, before mesh builds became mainstream. Expect them to be updated with many more photos coming soon. For now, some of the albums presented here reflect the seasons in Valkyrie Forest. A recurring theme are the Valkyrie feathers, blue for the air color of the Valkyrie, red for the fire passion of the Torva that joined them. Together, they are elemental like air and fire, found in the seaons... One sisterhood... Click the photo links to take you to the albums.
Second row, left to right: 5. Valkyrie Scout; 6. Valkyrie Claw; 7. Valkyrie Fang; 8. Valkyrie Head Slaver
Valkyrie Winter
Third row, left to right: 9. Valkyrie Elder; 10. Valkyrie Raven; 11. Valkyrie Tor; 12. Valkyrie Se
Valkyrie Summer
Fourth row, left to right: 13. Valkyrie En (Chieftess); A. Valkyrie Apprentice Healer; B. Valkyrie Full Healer; C. Valkyrie Head Healer
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* Valkyrie Mesh Feathers With Brooch V.5 Notes *

by Dagny Chalice (meyerchalice) *Danika*
En Chieftess of Valkyrie Torva

Valkyrie Torva (Low Lag Battle grade) mesh feathers with brooch, Version 5 are included in this folder. The new mesh version Valkyrie Feathers look exactly the same as the traditional alpha Valkyrie Torva feathers worn by the tribe for the majority of the Valkyrie lifetime. Same shape, size, textures, Valkyrie colors.

Note: Version 4 Valkyrie Mesh feathers with beads - (Traditional appearance) precede this set. Prior to these versions were the Valkyrie Traditional Alpha feather set Version 3 worn for most of the lifetime of the Valkyrie. Prior to these were the blue and white soft feathers of the Valkyrie Panthers early days, and currently still decoratively used for Valkyrie Wings. The Valkyrie Wings feathers may still be worn with either new versions 4 or 5 as a matter of personal choice.

These feathers (Version 5) are low lag, combat ready, mesh feathers. They are joined with a round brooch (wooden feather clasp) instead of beads, with color coded gem stones to denote ranks. For example:

* Blue trimmed wooden brooch with simple, unadorned Valkyrie Wings etched into the brooch for Pledge (Cub);
* The crescent moon above the blue wings for full Valkyrie Torva sister with blue trimmed wooden brooch;
* White Pearl below the blue wings for the Valkyrie Wings ranking;
* Moonstone above the wings and crescent moon for Prowl;
* Tiger Eye stone to the right of the Pearl for Scout (all scouts should have Prowl powers to recruit);
* Blue Sapphire above the crescent for Claw;
* Red Ruby added for Fang;
* Purple Amethyst for Head Slaver;
* Diamond for Elder;
* Single Gold Stone for Tor;
* Double Gold Stone for Se:
* Triple Gold Stone for En.
* Valkyrie Raven is minimalist with a red Norse Raven above the blue wings and Death Head (skull and bones) below the wings, black wooden block brooch.
 * Green Emeralds for the three classes of healers: Apprentice (or guest healer) single gem, Full Healer double gem, and Head Healer triple gem.

Version 4 traditional mesh Valkyrie Feathers with beads, claws, fangs, preceding this set have higher land impact but can be worn instead of these. Promoters can offer both sets to those being promoted allowing them to choose which set to wear.
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